foodFood is freshly prepared in our nursery kitchen by our cook Dilara (training in  L3 Food &hygiene and training in  Understanding of a balanced diet & nutritional needs for children < 5 )

We provide healthier food choices, excellent standards of hygiene and a healthy environment.We take care to provide healthy meals and snacks following the recommendations of the School Food Trust, Northants County Council healthy food and drink team and the Food Standards Agency. Our overall daily meal and snack provision conforms to the balance of good health profile.

If your child cannot eat a particular food for whatever reason, a suitable alternative can be found, please make us aware of any allergies and dietary requirements applicable to your child.

What if my baby is on breast milk or formula milk?

We welcome you to bring breast milk/formula milk container in to Nursery in bottles labeled with your child’s name. This will be given to your child at the times you state and we will record how much your child has had.


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